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Mickey Mouse Magazine Subscription Form

Issue   |  1938
Inventory CHV-009
This is the only example of this stunning Mickey Mouse Magazine subscription form that we can ever recall having seen! It was found in an "original owner" collection of 1930's MM Mags (the lavish 8x11" size), and has been carefully stored ever since its discovery in the late 1960s. It is printed in red and black, and features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Horace Horsecollar, and Elmer Elephant. Imagine just filling in the form, and getting 12 monthly issues of the incomparable 1930's MM Mag for only $1.00! Size is 6" x 8", and the format is that of a return envelope. CONDITION is unused and almost perfect. We grade it a spectacular Near Mint. Please look carefully at the scan to see exactly what the lucky winning bidder will be getting (a little of the envelope's glue is visible, this is how the item was manufactured). An undated treasure which is about 70 years old, copyrighted "Walt Disney Enterprises." We do not feel that any MM Magazine collection can be considered complete without one of these. PURCHASING: If the price and / or the "Add to Shopping Cart" link do not appear, please just email us and we will hold the item for you. We will send you an invoice.
Publisher: Kay Kamen
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Mickey Mouse Magazine Subscription Form
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