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  • David T. Alexander


    Q: Which comic book from your youth do you hope to get your hands on again?

    There are too many to list but it would be wild to come across copies of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories with my name on the subscription label.

  • Tyler Alexander

    Sales Manager

    Q: What's you favorite comic related movie?

    If I were a politician looking for votes, I'd probably tell you Spider-Man 2. But I'm gonna keep it real and go with Howard the Duck.

  • Debbie Alexander

    Shipping Department

    Q: Which comic character do you relate to most?

    Blondie, of course. We both have blonde hair and husbands who love to nap!

  • Eddie

    Store Manager

    Q: What store item are you most looking forward to selling?

    Definitely the cardboard cutout of Captain Kirk. I don't like how his eyes follow me around while I'm trying to get work done.

  • Carri

    Design Manager

    Q: What did you collect as a kid?

    Archie comics and baseball cards that I kept in a pink kleenex box.

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