As any high volume collector or dealer will already know, one of the most tedious tasks in collecting comics is organizing them. We buy collections all the time and often times the best stuff gets pulled for sale and the rest sits at the bottom of a pile of long boxes. Over time this renders a large chuck of our inventory useless because its a pain to find a specific issue and often a lot of the inventory is physically inaccessible. Earlier this year we organized all of our non-website Marvel comics stock. This was a tremendous undertaking that took around 5 months to complete. We ended up with this:

A fairly solid inventory of organized Marvel titles from the 1960's to 2010's.

Now it is time for the DCs. We are talking hundreds of long boxes, thousands of books from the Silver-Age to Modern with tons of old never looked at store stock from when we closed The American Comic Book Company stores in Los Angeles in 1989 and moved to our current headquarters in Florida. This is in addition to the over 5,000 DCs we currently have listed on our website[/url] . Here is the bulk of what I am trying to organize:

Two large shelving units of long boxes, about 150 in total.

This wooden horseshoe shape shelf of DC (and a few rows of Dells at the end that I wont have to deal with...for now).

And then there is this, the DC tower of doom! I think its about 125-150 long boxes stacked to the ceiling. All DC from the 1960's to 1990's.

There are a few more dozen long boxes of DCs here and there in our warehouse as well but you get the idea and taking pictures of all of them is already stressing me out enough. Making a very rough estimate I would say there are about 400 long boxes worth of DCs that will be organized.

I'll try to keep this space updated with progress reports and any cool finds in these hundreds of boxes. If you have done any big organizing like this before and have any tips I'm more than happy to hear them. Wish me luck!